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ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System Training
(Awareness, Internal Auditor and Lead Auditor)

Food Safety management system (FSMS) is defined as the part of an organization’s overall management system for all food processing and supply chain entities, which consists of policy, objectives, processes, programs, etc. to eliminate food related hazards and ensure food is safe to consume. To establish an effective FSMS, the ISO 22000 Standard is widely used across the World.

Organizations will have to ensure that the food we consume is not to be contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins and chemicals. To ensure this more and more organizations will think of implementing and maintaining the Food Safety Management System with qualified, competent and trained personnel. Periodical employee training is mandatory to prevent potential food and statutory risks

Benefits of the Training Course

  • Minimizes the occurrence of food safety related incidents
  • Minimizes the likelihood of  food borne diseases
  • Statutory and Regulatory Compliance
  • Enhance Food Safety performance of supply chain
  • Capable to implement and maintain the FSMS requirements
  • Able to conduct internal and supplier audits
  • Promote “safe food manufacturer or service provider” in market
  • Expand the market space as a  global food supplier
  • Enhances stakeholder  confidence through implementation of hazard controls
  • Embeds food safety culture  into the organizational culture
  • Concentrates resources at critical points in the process
  • Targets resources and reduces food wastage
  • Provide a means of continual improvement that ensures the food safety management system is reviewed and updated, so that all activities related to food safety remain safe and effective
  • Reduces the risk of food safety incidents

Who should Attend

  • Food Safety Directors and Controllers
  • Management Representatives
  • Managers and HoDs
  • Consultants
  • FSMS Implementers
  • Individuals interested in audits

Course Duration (Days)
Internal AuditorLead AuditorAwareness
02 0501
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