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Management Systems for Business Organizations operating in multidisciplinary trajectories monitoring, controlling and fulfilling the requirements, ... >>
Database Management System powered by relational model of architecture is a common and most efficient choice of storage, retrieval and manipulation of data or information...  >>
Audits are the periodical verification, review and conformity assessment of the existing practices, procedures and systems for compliance ... >>.
Training of the work force is an essential part of the business for product quality, process development and incremental growth of the organization and for improvement ... >>.
Value Added Services (VAS) APQP, PPAP, SPC, MSA, FMEA and IMDS are the KEY driving tools of the Organization for existing and new product developments when there is change with respect to time and activity ... >>.
6 Sigma is the acronym for the Equation of Excellence (EoE) for organization's sustainability to control and minimize the hidden factory elements followed by process development and ... >>.
Product and Process Development play a key role for sustainability in a competetive environment in addition to the safety, healthy and quality of the workspace... >>.
Lean Manufacturing is an advanced manufacturing methodology which injects Quality into the processes with respect to time and requirements of the customer with minimum inventory flow ... >>
5S (Sorting, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) is a modern driving tool or housekeeping technique to maintain the work environment clean and safe, resulting the productivity and quality of the products.... >>

TQM (Total Quality Management) is a management philosophy through which the objectives of the organization are satisfied in cost effective and efficient manner by embracing the needs and expectations of the customers and community ... >>

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