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ISO 50001 - Energy Management System Training
(Awareness, Internal Auditor and Lead Auditor)

ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS), Successful implementation and maintenance of this International Standard enable to demonstrate towards energy efficiency across various activities and commitment to treating the environmental responsibility. ISO 50001 – EnMS can be applied to any sector and to any industry who willing to exhibit the global responsibility and promote energy savings.

Trained competent personnel are the key driving elements to extract the targeted management system goals and objectives. As conservation law, the knowledge and competency can never be destroyed, but transformed into management objectives along with the law of improvement.

Aim of the Training Course

This training course is designed to provide and enhance competence of the employees of the organization, Managers, Executives, Consultants, Auditors, Students and HoDs with knowledge and skills required to identify, analyze and monitor the potential unsafe and hazardous risk conditions at various points of performance of the organizations, which effects the growth, performance and improvement of an organization including management goals and objectives. It also helps to the key personnel to timely positive decisions to minimize the risk, and implement and conducts the audits with respect to the requirements of the international standard ISO 31000

Benefits of the Training Course

    • Improves energy performance and efficiency
    • Reduce unwanted energy consumption
    • Ability to understand and capture the possible opportunities to grow and improvement
    • Protects the stakeholders interest
    • Systematic approach to continual improvement
    • Self- compliant to Management System Implementation, Maintenance and Control
    • Performing internal audits and supplier audits
    • Ability to monitor and control energy performance measures
    • Ability to prepare and compete the customer audits
    • Conduct internal audits and corrective measures
    • Appreciation and compliant to statutory requirements

Course Duration (Days)
Internal AuditorLead AuditorAwareness
02 0501
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