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VAS -Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
(Awareness Training)

Measurement System Analysis (MSA) is a technique used to evaluate and analyze the variation and their sources within the measurement scope, i. e. appraiser, measuring equipment and testing equipment. Measurement System Analysis is a robust methodology to describe measurement errors within the system and process and guides to evaluate bias, linearity, stability and gage repeatability and reproducibility. After successful completion of this training delegates are capable to demonstrate how to evaluate the gage R&R for attribute and variable data and also find the various sources of variation and their root causes

Measurement System Analysis to qualify a measurement system for quantifying measurement accuracy, precision and stability. In measurement system analysis, the data collected on each variable believed to be significant followed by regression and correlation analysis to quantify the relationships. MSA plays a crucial role on several process and environmental characteristics followed by process yield. MSA is a critical step that should precede any data based decision making including SPC, correlation, regression analysis and design of experiments

Benefits of MSA Training Course

    • Formulate criteria for accepting new measuring equipment
    • Develop gage performance curve
    • Evaluation of measurement variation among appraisers
    • Able to trace the measuring equipment errors
    • Capable to track the performance measures of bias, stability and linearity
    • Developing measurement and inspection procedures based on equipment and appraisers
    • Expertise to train inspection team as necessary
    • Contributing in exact calculation of process variation
    • Timely decision making for calibration and correction

Course Duration (Days) :  01
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