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VAS -Statistical Process Control (SPC)
(Awareness Training)

Statistical Process Control is a statistical method in order to monitor and control a process. This can be applicable to any kind of process. SPC analysis is used to calculate and measure the process capabilities. Applicable control plans are incorporated based on the SPC analysis to produce the reliable products aligning with the stabilized process. Statistical Process Control helps define the capability of the stable process to judge whether it is performing at an acceptable level. SPC is a hands-on endeavor by the team of people who care about their work and strive to improve themselves, their productivity and processes. Statistical Process Control charts are the tools to the management to justify about their capability in view of attaining their goals and objectives.

Periodical trainings are mandatory to the personnel who are directly or indirectly involved in the evaluation of the processes with respect to capability as well as the performance of the management objectives and goals.

Benefits of the Training Course

  • Capable to identify and analyze the process capability
  • Taking corrective actions and proactive decisions based on the VOC and VOP
  • Able to analyze the overall process variation and their root causes
  • Knowledge to train and guide process team
  • Refine and tune the process to the optimum level followed by ZERO ppm
  • Core alignment of the process parameters and Quality Function Deployment factors
  • Produce more precise, accurate and quality products
  • High degree of customer satisfaction index

Course Duration (Days) :  01
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